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Donate Life Month - Blog

April is National Donate Life Month!

April is National Donate Life Month (NDLM), a month to celebrate those who have received transplants, to recognize those who continue to wait, to honor donors and donor families and to thank registered donors for giving hope.

An estimated 122,000 men, women and children in the United States are currently awaiting lifesaving transplants, and another person is added to the national transplant waiting list every 10 minutes. You can help by registering to be an organ and tissue donor. A single donor can save the lives of up to 8 people and help more than 50 others.

People of all ages and medical histories can be potential donors. Your medical condition and circumstances of your death will determine what organs and tissues can be donated. The important thing right now is to make the decision to be a donor and register your decision.

You can sign up to be an organ donor in Missouri by taking the following steps to ensure your life-saving decision is honored:

  • Make a decision about organ and tissue donation;
  • Join the Missouri organ and tissue donor registry;
  • Inform your family, friends, faith leader and healthcare provider of your decision; and
  • Complete the back of your driver’s license with a permanent marker.

Become an organ donor and help offer countless people the opportunity to live healthy, productive and quality lives. Register today at!


A Season for Growth and Renewal

New beginnings bring a sense of renewal. We may be in the midst of winter, but change is springing up all around us, specifically with the build-out of the new PCRMC Delbert Day Cancer Institute (DDCI). To say we are excited about the progress of the DDCI is an understatement, but the reasons we are excited have nothing to do with the building itself.

What is truly exciting is that PCRMC’s world-class oncology physicians, healthcare teams and services will soon be available under one roof–and conveniently accessible–for our local cancer patients and their families, caregivers and friends.

The building is breathtaking, but even more impressive is the knowledge that we are providing our patients and community with the best cancer resources available, from the moment of diagnosis into survivorship. The building may be vacant now, but it will soon be filled with life, hope, and promise….and that is a beautiful thing.

You can follow our progress on our live DDCI construction camera, which is updated every 30 minutes at