PCRMC Holds Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The Comprehensive Breast Center at Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) held its annual pumpkin decorating contest on Friday, October 27, 2017, in Private Dining Rooms 1 and 2. This was the first year the contest was opened to the public.

Pumpkins could be decorated or carved but had to tie into the breast cancer awareness theme, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There were categories for both groups and individuals to compete. A total of 13 entries were received in this year’s competition.

Winners were determined by votes cast with money, and the pumpkin in each category (individual or group) with the most money won prizes, including Visa gift cards, movie theater passes, Price Chopper gift certificates and pizza.

All proceeds from the contest benefited the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation’s Breast Center Mammography Fund, which provides uninsured women in need with free mammograms and ultrasounds. Because of this contest, a total of $529.50 was raised toward the fund.

The first-place winner in the group/department category was the PCRMC Heart and Vascular Department, and second place in this category went to PCRMC Medical Oncology.

The individual first-place winner was Oleda Mason, and earning second place in this category was Laura Gilbert.

Other participants in this year’s contest included the PCRMC Comprehensive Breast Center, Phelps Regional Homecare, PCRMC Denial Prevention, PCRMC Marketing, Air Evac and PCRMC Food Services as well as Cassidy King, Mary Kuelker and Odaila Araiza.


Waynesville Medical Plaza

PCRMC Waynesville Medical Plaza Immediate Care Opens November 1

Getting sick or injured does not always happen at convenient times. So when your primary care physician is unavailable and a trip to the emergency room seems unnecessary, Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) has a new option for patients and families living in Fort Leonard Wood, St. Robert, Waynesville and surrounding communities.

Immediate Care is a new service at the PCRMC Waynesville Medical Plaza that will be available starting Wednesday, November 1, 2017. This walk-in clinic will be open seven days a week, and no appointments are necessary.

Clinic hours will be Mondays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The clinic will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. On these holidays, the Emergency Department at PCRMC will still be open.

Immediate Care will be conveniently located in Suite 150 on the first floor of the Waynesville Medical Plaza near the North Entrance.

If you suffer from a sinus infection or allergies, sprain your ankle or get a minor burn, PCRMC Waynesville Medical Plaza Immediate Care is the right place to receive care.

However, if you experience severe chest pain or signs of a stroke or feel you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency department. Do not delay seeking treatment for serious conditions.

With Immediate Care, PCRMC’s caring, compassionate team will be able to help both adults and children treat a variety of medical issues, including allergies, coughing, sinus infections, sore throat or strep throat, upper-respiratory infections, ear infections, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, headaches, urinary tract or bladder infections and minor injuries, including sprains and strains, minor cuts and wounds, minor burns, bug bites and stings, splinter removal and more.

Limited laboratory and medical imaging services designed for acute care will be available at Immediate Care. Additionally, Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals and certain vaccinations and immunizations will be offered, too. The clinic also will have telemedicine capabilities.

Jeffery Kerr, DO, CMD, who serves as the medical director of the PCRMC Emergency Department, along with Family Nurse Practitioners Amy Jones, Lisa Smith and Sammy Radcliff make up PCRMC’s Immediate Care providers. With this team approach, patients will receive high-quality care.

PCRMC Waynesville Medical Plaza Immediate Care will accept patients with TRICARE, Medicare and Medicaid and many insurance providers. For patients with no insurance, PCRMC has care managers and insurance counselors along with other patient financial resources available.

Immediate Care offers many benefits. “Patients can come to us because we are convenient, available after work, after school and on the weekends. They don’t have to drive far,” Dr. Kerr says. In addition, copays at Immediate Care clinics are often less expensive than an Emergency Department visit, according to Dr. Kerr.

Patients who seek treatment at Immediate Care will be able to receive assistance with being connected to PCRMC’s primary care and specialist physicians, getting follow-up appointments, medications refilled or dental appointments or helping patients find pharmacies.

To learn more about Immediate Care, the public is invited to an open house on Thursday, November 9, 2017. This drop-in event will take place from 4-7 p.m. at the Waynesville Medical Plaza Community Room on the lower level. The Waynesville Medical Plaza is located at 1000 GW Lane St. in Waynesville. There will be information about Immediate Care services, and attendees can meet the providers as well as enjoy light refreshments and free giveaways.

For more information, call PCRMC Waynesville Medical Plaza Immediate Care at 573-842-4116.

Waynesville Sleep Center

Accredited PCRMC Sleep Center Can Help With Sleep Disorders

Do you often experience fatigue or excessive daytime sleepiness? Does your partner notice you snoring a lot? Do you wake up with headaches or dry mouth in the mornings? These could be signs that you may have a sleep disorder.

Fortunately, the Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) Sleep Center, with two convenient locations — in Rolla and Waynesville — can provide diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for patients with a full range of sleep-related problems. Both locations are accredited with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. In addition, PCRMC offers home sleep testing.

Some of the more common sleep disorders seen in patients at PCRMC’s Sleep Center include obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, narcolepsy and periodic limb movements. Poor quality sleep can often lead to accidents, injuries and other health issues, such as impaired cognition and many chronic diseases.

If you think you might have one or more of these problems, the first step is to contact your primary care physician. Your doctor will use screening tools, such as the Epworth Sleepiness Scale or the STOP-Bang questionnaire, to help assess your condition. These evaluations include questions about your likeliness of dozing off during various activities, not just feeling tired.

In certain cases, assessments of your heart and lung functions may be necessary. Depending on the results of these tests, your physician may refer you to the PCRMC Sleep Center.

PCRMC uses the most advanced technology to assess patients with sleep issues. At PCRMC’s Sleep Center, staff can conduct diagnostic polysomnography studies, electroencephalographs (EEGs) that measure the electrical activity of your brain, and CPAP/BiPAP (continuous positive airway pressure/bi-level positive airway pressure) fitting and titration.

PCRMC’s Sleep Center staff is comprised of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists and Registered Respiratory Therapists–Sleep Disorder Specialists, who are all credentialed. The Sleep Center partners with board-certified sleep specialist Dr. Terrence Coulter and Melanie Chisam, PA, who see patients twice a month at the PCRMC Medical Office Building.

“We are fortunate to have this clinical expertise and a board-certified specialist who provide high-quality care,” says Cheryl Hoerr, director of respiratory and sleep services at PCRMC.

The Sleep Center has four beds in Rolla and two in Waynesville, and sleep studies are conducted Mondays through Fridays, according to Amy Yates, lead technologist with the PCRMC Sleep Center. While most sleep studies occur at night, PCRMC offers daytime tests for those who work nights.

During sleep studies, patients can expect their breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels, brain waves and leg movements to be monitored. PCRMC’s Sleep Center offers a variety of nasal or full-face masks, and staff can help patients find the right one to wear.

The Sleep Center rooms are clean, comfortable and private. They include amenities such as televisions, large walk-in showers, queen-sized adjustable beds with memory foam mattresses and free access to high-speed Wi-Fi.

PCRMC’s Sleep Center is located near the East Entrance of the hospital in Rolla as well as lower level of the Waynesville Medical Plaza.

Sleep studies are provided by physician referral only, so talk to your primary care doctor if you feel you experience sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. For more information about the PCRMC Sleep Center, call 573-458-7650.

TOMO 3D Mammograms

PCRMC Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and what better time is there to remind women age 40 and over to get their annual breast cancer screenings?

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in American women, behind skin cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates that about 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women this year in the U.S.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death caused by cancer in women. Only lung cancer kills more women each year. However, detecting breast cancer early and receiving state-of-the-art treatment are the most important strategies to prevent deaths from breast cancer.

That is why each October the Comprehensive Breast Center at Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) offers free mammograms to women in need.

PCRMC will provide 50 mammograms Monday, Oct. 30, free of charge to women who are at least age 40 or older and financially qualify.

Forty of these screenings will take place at the PCRMC Comprehensive Breast Center located on the first floor of the Medical Office Building. The remaining 10 will be offered at the PCRMC Waynesville Medical Plaza. Mammograms normally take about 15-20 minutes.

To see if you qualify or to make an appointment for one of these screenings, call Centralized Scheduling at 573-458-7737.

“Annual screening mammograms allow for breast cancer to be detected in earlier stages, when breast cancer is most treatable,” said Tiffany Henry, PCRMC Comprehensive Breast Center coordinator. “Mammograms can actually detect breast changes up to two years before a patient or physician could feel them.”

Since June 2016, the PCRMC Comprehensive Breast Center has been offering 3-D mammography technology. “A 3-D mammogram provides greater image detail, decreases the risk that a patient will be called back for further testing and has a 30-40 percent higher breast cancer detection rate (than 2-D mammograms),” Henry noted.

These 50 free mammograms are provided thanks to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation’s Breast Center Mammography Fund, which provides financial assistance to qualified women for screening mammograms and other procedures, as recommended by the PCRMC Comprehensive Breast Center.

The public can help by donating to this fund during the 4th annual PCRMC pumpkin decorating contest to be held Friday, Oct. 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Private Dining Rooms 1 and 2 near the PCRMC cafeteria. For more information, or to submit an entry, contact Tiffany Henry at thenry@pcrmc.com.

One of the other events returning for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the 2nd Annual PCRMC Breast Cancer Awareness March to be held Saturday, Oct. 7, at The Centre, 1200 Holloway St. in Rolla. Registration begins at 10 a.m., and the march will start at 10:30 a.m. For more information on how to register for the march, contact Tiffany Henry at thenry@pcrmc.com.


PCRMC Celebrates National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) recently celebrated National Rehabilitation Awareness Week by offering activities for rehab patients and honoring therapy staff.

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, which is September 17-23 this year, is a time designated to educate people about the benefits of rehabilitation and the capabilities of people with disabilities, or those recovering from injury and illness.

That was exactly the purpose of a luncheon held for past PCRMC acute rehab patients on Wednesday, September 20, at Salem Avenue Baptist Church in Rolla. About 40 people attended.

This annual event provides patients and their loved ones with the opportunity to visit with their therapists, according to Amy Robnett, program director for the acute rehab unit. The lunch also allows PCRMC rehabilitation therapy staff to see the improvements made by their patients and how these patients have regained their independence.

This year’s speaker was Randy Dorsey, a patient who received care at PCRMC after suffering a stroke over 13 months ago. Dorsey went through both the acute rehabilitation program as an inpatient and the outpatient therapy services at PCRMC.

Dorsey described himself as a healthy and accomplished individual before his stroke. However, after his stroke, he lost all feeling on the left side of his body.

“It devastated me,” he said but noted that he had a glimpse of hope. “I could only wiggle my pinky finger.”

Dorsey received care from experienced staff with PCRMC Rehabilitation Services, and he described his journey as a positive one.

“All of the nurses, therapists and my family members… were all so encouraging,” he said. “I’ve been so blessed.”

Guests also received handouts regarding a comparison between traditional Medicare and the Managed Medicare plans as well as how patients could receive rehabilitation services covered by these plans.

Attendees at this year’s luncheon were treated to meals provided by Lee’s Chicken. Before they ate, Phil Cox, PCRMC director of pastoral services, gave a blessing.

The Rolla Pickers, made up of Bill Pilliard (a PCRMC employee), Shirley Robertson, Jena Huizinga and De Price, played music during the event. Door prizes also were given away.

“I want to thank all of the musicians, speakers, patients and their families for coming out and celebrating National Rehab Week with our staff,” said Robnett.

The luncheon is just one of the events PCRMC organized for National Rehabilitation Awareness Week this year.

“We also did activities on the rehab unit and for our referral sources in the community,” Robnett said. “We provided treats and goodies to all of the case managers and social workers who work with our patients, too.”

According to Robnett, patients treated by PCRMC Rehabilitation Services have come from all over the area, and even out of state.